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RADIO USB/MP3-iPhone/iPod/SD Kenwood KMM-361SD

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ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ: Kenwood KMM-361SD

Τιμή: 92,00

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KENWOOD RADIO/USB KMM-361SD χωρίς μηχανισμό CD

4 x 50W • Δέκτης USB χωρίς μηχανισμό CD • Αποσπόμενη πρόσοψη • Οθόνη LCD
13 ψηφίων • Λειτουργία χειροκίνητου Dimmer (On/Off) • Υποδοχη χειριστηρίων
τιμονίου • 4x50W • 1 Προενίσχυση 2.5V • Εισόδοι AUX & USB με κάλυμα
προστασίας • Πολλαπλός χρωματισμός φωτισμού • Bass Boost • Loudness • 24
FM or AM or 6 ανάμικτες μνήμες • Ελεγχος μουσικής για Android •Αναπαραγωγή
MP3/ WMA/ AAC • Αναπαραγωγή FLAC • 13 λευκά ψηφία LCD Display
•Λειτουργία I Pod/ I Phone • Ενσωματωμένο HC SD card reader • Αυτόματη
ρύθμιση EQ




Key Features

Short Body, Mechaless USB receiver
13 Digits LCD display
Variable colour illumination
HC SD card reader built-in
Front USB & AUX terminal
2 RCA Preouts
MP3/WMA/WAV/FLAC playback
Made for iPod/Iphone
Drive EQ
Sound reconstruction
English/Russian/Greek TAG display

General Features

DIN Size 1 DIN
Faceplate Mechanism Full Detachable Faceplate
Key Illumination Variable
Rotary Encoder & Control Knob Yes
Music Search function Yes
Accent key iPOd & SD Key
Attenuator with Smooth Volume Return Yes
Touch Sensor Tone Yes
Digital Clock (24H) Yes
All-off Select (20/40/60 minutes) Yes
Built-in Connector Molex 16 pin
ISO connector Yes
USB interface x 1 Yes, Front
Firmware upgreadable Yes

Display Features

Display Type Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Display Layout 13 characters/digits
Display Illumination Variable LED
Dimmer Control Display: Manual
Brightness control  
Demo Mode Yes
Special Character Display English / Russian / Greek

Cosmetics features

Front/edge Piano black
Dress plate Piano Black
Volume & operation knob or wheel Piano black
Preset key finish Piano Black
Escutcheon finish Piano Black
Triangle Illumination Red
Key illumination variable
Illumination of USB & AUX terminals Variable
Variable color illumination Yes

USB Features

USB terminal Yes, Front
USB Type USB 1.1/USB 2.0 Full Speed
Drive Change Yes, up to 5 drives
Kenwood Music Editor Lite Compatible Yes
MP3 playback with ID3 Tag Display Yes
WMA (Windows Media File) playback Yes
FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) playback Yes
Repeat/Scan/Random search Yes
Resume play Yes
Time code display Yes
1A Charge Capability for Smartphone. Yes

SD-card Features

SD card type: HD SD
Max capacity 32 Gb
Music playback Yes
MP3 audio files Yes
WMA audio files Yes
WAV audio files Yes
FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) playback Yes
Repeat play  
Scan play Yes
Random play  
Alfabetical search Yes
Time code display Yes
Resume play Yes

iPod Features

Made for iPod & iPhone * Yes
USB Direct Control with optiona cable KCA-iP102
USB Direct control (Audio & Video, 2 wire, 30-pin connector)  
Music playback Yes
Music library search Yes
Alphabet search Yes
Skip search Yes
My playlist Yes
Control by hand Yes
App & iPod control mode Yes
2 Speed search Yes
Reverse browsing Yes
Voice Control using Siri. Yes
Works with iPod Classic * 80G, 120G & 160G
Works with iPod Video * 5th/6th generation
Works with iPod Touch * 1st/2nd/3rd/4th & 5th** generation
Works with iPod Nano * 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th & 7th** generation
Works with iPhone * iPhone/3G/3GS/4/4S & 5**
Battery charge + power control Yes
1A current capability Yes
* Always update to latest Apple firmware  
* Always update to latest Apple firmware  
** Apple Lightning - 30 pin adapter required  

Audio Features

Maximum Output Power 50W x 4
Auxiliary input Front Mini-jack
Pre-out 2 RCA
Pre-out Output Level 2.5V
Preout Rear / Subwoofer Switchable Yes
Subwoofer Reference Level Adj. Yes
Source Tone Control & Memory 3 Bands
Balance/Fader/Loudness Control Yes
Bass Boost Circuit 3 steps
Att.(-20dB) with smooth Volume Return Yes
System Q_EX (Preset & Manual Sound Control) Yes
Low-pass Filter Yes
Sound Reconstruction Yes
Drive EQ Yes

Tuner Specifications

FM range: 87.5Mhz - 108MHz (50Khz step) Yes
FM Usable Sensitivity 0.71μV/75ohm (S/N 26dBf)
FM Quieting Sensitivity 2μV/75ohm (S/N 46dBf)
FM Frequency Response 30Hz ~ 15kHz (± 3dB)
FM Signal to noise ratio (Mono) 64dB
FM Stereo Separation (1kHz) 40dB
MW range: 531kHz - 1611kHz (9kHz step) Yes
MW Usable Sensitivity 28.2μV
LW range: 153kHz - 279kHz (9kHz step) Yes
LW Usable Sensitivity 50μV

USB Specifications

USB Version compatibility USB 1.1/2.0 full speed
File System FAT 32/16/12
Maximum Supply current 1000mA
D/A Converter 16 bit
MP3 Decode Compliant with MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer-3
WMA Decode Compliant with Windows Media Audio
WAV Decode RIFF waverform audio format (Linear PCM only)
flac Decode FLAC files up to 48kHz/16bit

SD-card specs

Compatible physical format Version 2.0
Compatible SD cards HC-SD
File system FAT 12/16/32
Audio decoder MP3 / WMA/ WAV /FLAC

Audio Specifications

Maximum Power 50W x 4
Output Power (DIN45324,+B=14.4v) 30W x 4
Preout Level 2500mV / 10kOhm,
Preout Impedance ≤ 600Ohm
Speaker Impedance 4Ohm ~ 8Ohm
AUX Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz (±1dB)
AUX Maximum Input Voltage 1200mV
AUX Input Impedance 30kOhm
Bass Tone Control 200Hz ±8dB
Middle Tone Control 2.5kHz ±8dB
Treble Tone Control 12.5kHz ±8dB

General Specifications

Operating voltage 14.4V (10.5 ~ 16V Allowable)
Maximum Current Consumption 10A
Dimensions (WxHxD) 182 x 53 x 107mm
Weight 540 gr.
Operation Temperature Range -0°C ~ 40°C

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